We are called to serve the people of the Colonia (neighborhood) CTM. CTM stands for Colonia de Trabajadores de Mexico, which mean the neighborhood for the workers of Mexico. This colonia was started just over 16 years ago and is comprised of many families in poverty. As part of this outreach we have moved to the colonia and live directly above the church. 

We are church planters and pastors raising up local leaders to one day take leadership of this church. 

As outreach work, every Saturday we host a Children's feeding which includes; songs, a bible teaching, craft activity, and a meal. All for free. While this is going on we offer a women's group for the moms and other women from the community. This has been successful in spiritual feeding for the whole family. 

Every Sunday at 1 we have a traditional worship service with worship, preaching, and response to ministry where we pray for people. The first Sunday of every month we share Communion. Every 5th Sunday we host a fellowship after the service, where people bring food to share.

In addition to this work, we travel monthly to an indigenous village from the people group Huichol. Where we have had many successful salvations and hope to one day have a local church. God has blessed us with new leaders emerging from within this village who are training to become pastors. 

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